FedEx / TNT

Interaction, UI

In 2016, FedEx acquired TNT in order to expand an already impressive network reach.

Kicking off the TNT integration into FedEx, a joint shipment tool was set up to demonstrate the advantages of a broader network. Customers would be able to choose shipping with either TNT or FedEx, being given times and rates for both companies.

The dashboard

After gattering all the learnings and insights from a one year long development and usage of the TNT web app and applying a renewed FedEx brand styleguide, the onsite user testings kept on pointing at one specific issue – how to manage all my shipments in one place.

The dashboard became, not only the quick overview of the business, but also the starting point for your most common tasks, such as shipping immediately to a recurrent address, knowing what to expect today or even starting a new shipment with just one click.