I'm a Web

No, really, Interaction Designer is the best description.

Check it for yourself

Whatever the title is, my goal is always to make the best of each product – something the user will perceive as clean, clear, easy and engaging.

Staples Homepage

ROLE: Interaction, UX

Going through a fast Digital Transformation process, Staples had just finished the deployment of a new dedicated platform and it was now ready to start optimising the internal way of working as well as the online customer experience.

Way of working and thought process

Screenshots of the responsive Staples homepage

FedEx and TNT Integration

ROLE: Interaction, UI

Kicking off the TNT integration into FedEx, a common shipment tool was set up to demonstrate the advantages of a broader network. Customers would be able to choose shipping with either TNT or FedEx, being given times and rates for both companies.

Interaction takes the wheel

Screenshots of the FedEx shipments dashboard


ROLES: Interaction, UX, UI, Branding, Advertisement

My work ranges from branding to conversion, from graphic to digital, but it all has one thing in common – the definition of a problem and the iterations to find a solution.